Why choose loboSPhere?

Standard SharePoint user interfaces are not user-friendly. Third-party web part providers are functionally restricted and largely inflexible. SharePoint projects rarely occur without developers or programmers. Background processes need to be programmed or configured using a workflow engine. New versions of applications need to be rolled out using SharePoint solution files (WSP packages) which enforces a failure of the SharePoint application. Staging in SharePoint generally needs to be performed manually, which is time-consuming and can lead to errors. Connection existing ECM/DMS systems is not possible in SharePoint Standard, and only a poor Outlook connection is available at best.


Advantages of using loboSPhere

  • All applications have the same look and feel thanks to a standardised user interface.
  • Integrated wizard and forms designer
  • Configuring instead of programing – a SharePoint consultant does not require a programmer, the same applies for all background processes
  • creation and updates in ongoing operations (no WSP‘s, no Powershell, no failure of the SharePoint application)
  • Compliant archiving and connection of existing ECM/DMS systems through loboSPhere
  • Office integration as well as a perfect Outlook connection incl. offline capability
  • First time convenient file handling

Conclusion on using loboSPhere

  • Compliant archiving and use of existing infrastructure through loboSPhere
  • Conversion to long-term formats fully automated
  • Minimal invasive Integration - rapid Deployment with a very limited impact
  • Browser-based capture of paper documents including full text OCR – complete SharePoint- integrated scanning solution and mobile detection of documents
  • Classical ECM – Scenarios, COLD, spool data preparation, integration of LOB systems, office integration
  • Archive link-based interface to retrieve information in SAP
  • Integration and migration of existing data silos to SharePoint – file system, databases, CMS systems
  • Automation of background processes – graphic workflow editor based on the workflow foundation

loboSPhere module overview

loboSPhere scan

SharePoint browser-based scanning thanks to loboSPhere scan. No matter if you are using Microsoft SharePoint or SharePoint Online in Office 365, getting your important data from paper and electronic documents into your workflow has never been faster and simpler.


loboSPhere mail

SharePoint integration in Outlook and the drag & drop function between Outlook and SharePoint are just two of the many features of the loboSPhere mail module. You also have the options of the automated archiving of emails directly from the exchange server and the SharePoint offline synchronisation.


loboSPhere process

loboSPhere allows display of digital business processes in SharePoint. Easy creation or amendment of processes using a graphic process editor. loboSPhere has a native connection to MS Exchange and CRM. Using loboSPhere, third-party systems can be connected at any time by creating individual process modules.


loboSPhere view

loboSPhere view gives you a powerful viewer with more than 300 different formats. loboSPhere is purely server-based and requires no client installation.


loboSPhere framework for Business Apps

With loboSPhere framework for business apps you can introduce standardized and enterprise custom SharePoint business applications in less time and with much less effort. And this WITHOUT programming, WITHOUT creating WSP packages, WITHOUT reset of the IIS. The updates to the business applications take place during operation.


loboSPhere documents

Generate documents automatically and integrate your data – flexible, powerful and intuitive. With loboSPhere documents you can generate all kinds of documents including all data sources in various output formats.


loboSPhere report

Configure Charts in minutes for SharePoint Lists (Across Site Collections), Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Business Connectivity Services, Excel (with or without Excel Services), CSV, and Web Part connections as data sources. Drill down into the charts to show more charting or data that the chart is based upon. Charts are configured in minutes and simple enough to be configured by SharePoint users with loboSPhere report.


loboSPhere connect

loboSPhere connect allows a standardised view of various archives. At the same time, this module integrates access to your different archive systems through automatic connection of various storage systems. No migration required! You can also easily incorporate your ERP and LOB systems. loboSPhere enhances your SharePoint with DMS standard functions (e.g. Cold, spool data archiving, format conversion) and enables creation of own functions via API.


loboSPhere archive

The loboSPhere archive module creates a central ECM platform using your SharePoint. loboSPhere also provides a certified solution for audit-compliant archiving in the usual SharePoint look and feel. A unique feature of this solution is that it can also be used with SharePoint Foundation.

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